LA is the City of Athletes and we know Los Angeles is the breeding ground for the Hoops superstars of tomorrow. On our journey to reconnect with the next generation, we reestablished our key relationships in FA22 by bringing fun back to Summer Hoops with our Showcase and Hoopland.

In Holiday, we know our consumer is looking for any and every advantage to elevate their game as they kick off the High School season. We also know it’s a time when what you wear to the court, is just as important as what you wear on it.

In HO22, we introduce the Hoops Hotline, the Angeleno Hooper’s one-stop shop for insights from the top athletes, trainers and stylists for all of their needs, right at their fingertips.


Rather than compete with a busy holiday season and add to the kid’s hectic schedule, we decided to be the brand that connects them with what they need most. To preheat the hotline, we posed a question to the Hoops community on social…

What hoops related questions do you have for Nike LA?

From there we led with the consumer need in mind and crafted the Hotline’s various departments to address the breadth of questions we received. We also “Staffed” the hotline with the top athletes across the NBA, WNBA and NIL as well as local trainers with authentic grassroots followings in the cities.

the departments

access to hoop experts

We had our Hotline Experts answer real questions from real consumers submitted via social. Consumers were unaware of who would answer their inquiries, so we provided an impactful surprise and delight for the hoops community.

irl activations




hotline  ecosystem

The Hotline was designed to be accessible to the larger hoops community, living across @NikeLA social, Nike App, Athlete and Protagonist handles, Partner handles (@BallisLife @Klutch Sports @Lakers @USCWBB) and OOH.

integrated media

As a continuation of our journey with BiL, we partnered with BallisLife to authenticate and scale our Hoops Hotline with the true and relevant hoops community of LA. Two of BallisLife’s social protagonists were brought on to the Hotline crew.

Frank Nitty’s advice on “where to play” Hoops Hotline asset achieved the most likes across BIL’s

Frank Nitty’s advice on “defense” Hoops Hotline asset achieved the most shares across BIL


“Advice” content outperformed “Style” content

Content With “Frank Nitty” performed better on BIL’s channels because audiences are familiar with him
BIL recommends including more basketball video content + utilizing more of BIL’s organic voice to resonate with their audiences


total likes

across ig and tik tok


total shares

across ig and tik tok


social posts

aross brand flex + nddc support


video views

boosted ig reel from nike la ig


engagement rate

5x the im benchmark

Women accounted for higher click-through rates and engagement across Hoops Hotline supported content than Men


We leveraged our OOH boards at Circa, which made for an impactful full circle moment for our local hoops community protagonists that were part of the film.

Key nike app numbers


total campaign
app reach


total member
app interactions

6.1% engagement rate


push ctr

flat vs. benchmark


thread ctr

flat vs. benchmark


irl member engagement

Hosted 2 Member Suite Nights at Laker
Games and 2 NXP Clinics open to Members


Member engagement with campaign

7 days after viewing campaign content or attending an event, members were 1.25x more active in the Nike App than average LA member and 1.8X more active than geo member

social sentiment & analytics

70% of Reel engagement from hero A/V, including likes, came from shares. Users in the comments shouted out community icons they recognized throughout the Reel. They were excited to see a mix of big names in the NBA and WNBA, as well as neighborhood icons that offered a fresh perspective on basketball and lifestyle.

Partnering with Pro athletes and influencers heavily boosted posts reach and views.

Lifestyle and Basketball crossovers captivated Angelenos. Department of Drip content performed better than skills development content. Gen Z loved Nike’s push for starting lifestyle conversations from the sports perspective.

Users loved sharing upcoming community clinics and were eager to share the event in their communities.

Mindfulness (mindset) department helped bring more female interest to campaigns. This content helped win more casual female and BIpOC users.

Basketball drills did not feel challenging or especially innovative (low engagement).

Niche events such as basketball runs or training clinics had the most reach as users looked for exclusive moments.

Community event stories received high engagement as users wanted to be more active in local neighborhoods.

learnings & takeaways



NBA All-Stars and a future WNBA star were tapped for their insight into how to consumers could improve their game. They answered the technical skills development questions consumers were


Following up “Father Time” with another fun and fantastical reimagination of the basketball community delivered a campaign that resonated with gen-z and beyond.



Selecting a partner with close ties to our target community ensured we were able to reach the our key basketball community in LA and beyond.



Integrating local grassroots trainers and influencers and hosting corresponding skills development opportunities continued to drive our holistic city strategy of enabling our key BIPOC communities of sport.

truly for

him and her

We were incredibly intentional in leveraging both male and female talent for the hotline and ensuring all questions, insights and experiences were meaningful across gender.

consumer direct


Continue to obsess connected consumer journeys that place membership at the center of the offense. By building meaningful relationships with the LA Hooper via IRL experience programming and localized digital content, our LA members who engaged with the campaign over-indexed compared to the average city and geo member across all key engagement metrics.